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The Dark Side Of The ‘Manifesting’ Heresy: People Who Think They Can Get Anything They Want Simply By Imagining It Are More Likely To Go Bankrupt, Study Finds

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It’s the increasingly popular idea that we can ‘cosmically attract’ success to ourselves. But those who believe in the practice of ‘manifesting’ are more at risk of bankruptcy, a study suggests. Researchers also found they were more likely to be drawn to risky investments and to believe they could achieve an unlikely level of success more quickly. ‘In our studies we defined manifestation as the belief that if you send out your desires to the universe through positive thoughts, visualisation, or acting as if goals have already come true – like writing a pretend cheque to yourself – the universe will deliver what you desire,’ said study author Lucas Dixon from the University of Queensland, Australia. ‘Manifesters seem to be overly optimistic, believing they are more likely to be successful in the future, in shorter timeframes, meaning they may overestimate the odds of success. ‘Focusing on positive aspects of one’s life, as manifesters tend to do, helps people feel good and to be more resilient. ‘However, it may lead to downplaying negative but important signs of business fragility, e.g. mounting debt…(READ MORE)

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