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Could New Astrophysics Theory Hint At Multiple Creations, Just Like Isaiah And Midrash Stated?

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Recent observations from the James Webb Space Telescope mystified scientists, challenging previously held theories about how stars were formed soon after the Big Bang. A new theory suggests that in the primordial universe, stars were made of lighter matter and recycled after they went nova. This new theory is not so new, having been described in Midrash and also by the Prophet Isaiah. Dr. Schroeder suggested that this process of creation and destruction followed by recreation was described in the Midrash (Bereshit Rabbah 3:7) when describing the creation of the sun and moon on the fourth day. “Rabbi Judah bar Simon said: it does not say, ‘It was evening,’ but ‘And it was evening.’ Hence we derive that there was a time system prior to this. Rabbi Abbahu said: This teaches us that God created worlds and destroyed them, saying, ‘This one pleases me; those did not please me.’ Rabbi Pinhas said, “Rabbi Abbahu derives this from the verse, ‘And God saw all that He had made, and behold it was very good,’ as if to say, ‘This one pleases me, those others did not please me’.” This process was hinted at by Isaiah. “For behold! I am creating A new heaven and a new earth; The former things shall not be remembered, They shall never come to mind. Isaiah 65:17…(READ MORE)

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