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Apart from dating methods that can be applied almost universally, unique discoveries stand alone as evidence of someone occupying this land before the Ussher-developed, Adamic timeline of humans (those made in the image of God). (Who they were, how they got here, and what they were up to is a topic that we will address in part three: “The Serpent King.”)

For instance, Gobekli Tepe, an archeological site in Turkey (that we will look more deeply at in the coming pages), according to all radiocarbon dating, rock strata information, and other dating methods, appears to have been built approximately six thousand years before Adam’s 4004 BC birthday. In this case, one of three possibilities is acceptable: 1) the dating methods are off because scientists make mistakes (or assumptions, or they conspire to hide the truth, etc.) and the site is not nearly that old; 2) Adam and his descendants were brought into the picture well before the dates posed by Ussher/Young Earth chronology, therefore these ruins and artifacts are of Adam’s descendants left behind thousands of years ago; 3) someone/something was here before Adam, and Adam’s birth marks the re-creation event when the world was restored to its former glory following the “void” era of chaos within which these ruins and artifacts originated. We’ll focus on possibility number three in this chapter.

Also, because nobody knows exactly when Adam was formed, Ussher Chronology may be close in its calculations: The anomalies discovered on the apparently ancient Earth in this chapter will be compared to the 4004 BC birth-of-Adam dating. (Note that some of the research in this chapter was originally included in the 2015 Defender Publishing release, On the Path of the Immortals: Exo-Vaticana, Project L.U.C.I.F.E.R., and the Strategic Locations Where Entities Await the Appointed Time, by Cris Putnam and Tom Horn. As such, the reader may find certain portions of this chapter familiar.)

Before we launch, let me take a minute to explain a couple of terms.

“OOPArts”: Fringe Term or True Mysteries?

The acronym OOPArts is a common abbreviation for “out-of-place artifacts.” These artifacts are named “out of place,” as there is no feasible explanation for their existence—when they are real—and this is where we land in a big mess.

To quickly close the question posed by heading of this section, OOPArts represents both a fringe colloquialism and true mysteries. Unfortunately, though effectively named for what they characterize, the term has gained a dubious reputation among researchers over time. Many conspiracy theorists have picked up on rumors of certain OOPArts and labeled them as things mysteriously left behind by an ancient astronaut or advanced civilization before credible analysis. Some of these folks, as well-meaning and curious as they may have been, have gone on to blast websites, television and radio programs, and other media outlets with sensational or inaccurate claims—only to eventually learn that the artifact was underwhelming and ordinary once properly examined. As a result, “OOPArts” has become somewhat of a colloquialism reserved for fringe groups and conspiracy theorists.

This, in turn, has presented another often-used term, “forbidden archeology,” which refers to a) old and mysterious sites or unexplainable objects that archeologists won’t touch because the discoveries have already been smeared with so much misinformation that experts write them off as nonsense without any analysis; b) the effect of studying OOPArts on the reputation of the professional archeology community; if archeologists do spend time on OOPArts, they’re stamped “lunatics” or “religious fanatics” (since some of the findings naturally lead archeologists who are believers to draw a conclusion based on Young or Old Earth Creationism). Thus, “forbidden archeology” implies exactly what it sounds like: If well-meaning experts even so much as look at a site or object that has already been “tainted” by “conspiracists,” they have engaged in the “forbidden” and have effectively ruined their careers—maybe irreparably.

This unfortunately leaves only the conspiracy theorists and layperson research groups to address the discoveries. As you can imagine, this isn’t a good development.

Visitors to—the e-commerce company that paved the way through its Kindle self-publishing platform for e-readers that enables anyone to write a book about whatever they want and make it available to anyone else with access to the Internet—see around fifty books discussing OOPArts. Most of these are crudely self-published, resulting in a publication that not only looks substandard (with errors and typos), but is substandard. That’s because much of the “research” conducted by these writers is limited to what conspiracy websites say about the artifacts, yielding conclusions that are sensational, one-sided, and incorrect. Some of these books almost entirely plagiarize unreliable sites and Wikipedia, never giving credit to the sources and exposing their writers as “cheaters” on top of everything else.

Then, often, rumors are started that touch off a ceaseless (and sometimes quite petty) mud-flinging between “conspiracists” and “professionals.” The second an object is labeled an “OOPArt,” professionals avoid it, so it’s never subjected to proper testing methods and analysis. Conspiracists then see the OOPArt being ignored by the professionals and subsequently come up with their own conclusions about the object. They hold that their findings are the only valid explanations, and that scientists are avoiding it because they’re secretly afraid the object threatens long-held conclusions within their field of expertise. Whether or not that is true (I believe it could be, in some cases, like John Powell of the Smithsonian refusing to allow any of his discoveries regarding a race of giants to be used to discuss, well, the possibility of giants), not everything is a conspiracy, as some of the OOPArts-following personalities suggest. I can imagine being a responsible and genuine archeologist sighing at yet another “ancient discovery” that my own eyes and training could immediately identify as common; therefore, I understand the frustration of being expected to waste time, money (tax dollars and other funding sources), energy, and talent explaining why a random chunk of metal in the desert may not have originated from a UFO, regardless of whether it has been analyzed in a lab. I can understand seeing a discovery labeled “forbidden archeology” and, with absolutely no hidden agenda of protecting scientific theory, shrugging and moving on with my life, letting others with more time on their hands sort it out. Other “valid discoveries” would need my attention.

I get it.

However, despite the reputation OOPArts have gained, unexplainable artifacts have been found at dig sites all over the world. For example, the Antikythera mechanism—an analog computer—was found in a shipwreck from the Hellenistic period (one hundred to two hundred years before Christ). And another, the Baghdad Battery from Iraq, is what scientists believe acted as a galvanic cell (dated to around the time of Christ), possibly for use in early electrotherapy. So, if we can manage to filter out the false findings from the legitimate ones, we’ve landed on something worth looking at.

Since the term “OOPArts” is familiar, and still indicates objects that are “out of place,” I’ll keep using it in our discussion of these mysterious items. However, I’ll steer clear of addressing at length OOPArts that seem less valid based on what attention they have received from the archeological community, as well as those that have been dated to after Adam’s arrival (like the Antikythera mechanism and the Baghdad Battery).

Every true OOPArt has, like the Shroud of Turin, drawn countless theories from laypeople attempting to illuminate what ancient culture the object came from and the item’s purpose. But, also like the Shroud, once many of these theories are rationally considered and weighed against the evidence, they fall flat and fail to paint a reliable picture of their origin. Since scientists largely ignore many of these findings, they remain mysteries that—conspiracy or otherwise—fall into origin classifications of the inexplicable: giant races, pre-Adamites, etc.

These objects defy the conventional chronology of human history, usually in one of two ways: 1) They are more advanced than the technology that existed at their time of origin; or 2) they are dated prior to human existence on Earth.





I hinted at this possibility of “Pre-Adamites” earlier, but because the term will be used more often in this chapter, I’ll stop here to more fully define it:

  • Pre-Adamites (pre-Adam-ites): a hypothetical race of entities alive on Earth’s surface before the formation of the first human, Adam. The theories relate to questions of whether this race may have shared some similarities with Adam—in some cases potentially resembling the ape men of Darwinian theories (but please see the CRUCIAL DISCLAIMER following these two bullets).
  • Pre-Adamic (pre-Adam-ic): of or relating to pre-Adamites.

How I Will NOT Use These Terms

CRUCIAL DISCLAIMER: For our purposes, “pre-Adamites” will never refer to an earlier race of humans who were made in the image of God as Adam was, since that is clearly (biblically and theologically) a status reserved for Adam, Eve, and the rest of humanity from that couple forward. Though a few interpreters argue for a pre-Adamic race of people who were fully human—at times with the same (or similar) salvific rights and history of God’s progressive redemption plan and intervention—that is not how I am using the term in this chapter, and that line of logic is beyond the scope of this series based on the research behind the book Before Genesis.

I currently find zero biblical support for the idea that a fully “human” race existed prior to Adam, because the language of Genesis (in both Hebrew and English) is clear that humans were given dominion over the rest of earthly existence, were inherently and exclusively instilled with the imageo dei (“image of God”) at the time of Creation, and are therefore made with a special plan and purpose unique from all of God’s other created beings and entities.

Additionally, if we take what we know to be God’s plan for humanity in its totality and apply it backwards in time to another, earlier “human” race, it leads to an eventual “theology” (read: “heresy”) that they were either morally perfect or that Christ may have had to die for them, too, which goes against Romans 6:10: “For in that he [Jesus] died, he died unto sin once: but in that he liveth, he liveth unto God” (emphasis added). (Also see 1 Peter 3:18; Hebrews 7:27; 9:26–28; 10:12; Romans 5:6. All of these verses directly state that Jesus died “once,” and many other passages in the New Testament say the same thing indirectly.)

Also recall that we’ve already dealt with (and dismissed) the concept that there would have been co-Adamites (co-Adam-ites)—a hypothetical race of entities alive on Earth at the same time as (and ancestral to) the first human, Adam (ape men, etc.). (To review why I believe this to be a theological impossibility, turn back to chapter 3, under the heading “Adam from ‘Dust.’”)

Now, I am aware that some of this “OOPArt” and “pre-Adamic”-type terminology is highly associated with Ancient Astronaut theories—in general, the belief that there were pre-Adamites on Earth prior to humans and that they were akin to the alien grays we see in movies—but that’s not the hypothesis I’m ultimately building up to. I believe the Luciferian “void” era may have had perverted, demonic beings present on Earth, and that whatever these races may have been inspired “alien” concepts that came far later. Thus, my theory will address the possibility that some phenomena traditionally linked to alien visitation in the past may play a small part in the much bigger and more accurate picture of an ancient deception: a Luciferian scheme to thwart God’s plans for humanity (as the enemy is recorded throughout Scripture to have tried repeatedly). With that in mind, I’m not surprised alien imagery would be linked to some of these findings, as that is partly how they later developed. However, I don’t believe that bulbous-headed aliens in silver suits, devoid of any connection to God or Lucifer, are the answer to all these mysteries. If aliens, in the classic sense of the word, have anything to do with any of this, it’s because they draw their origins from a time when God and Lucifer were at war. They are not intelligent life from other planets that came into being independently of God or Lucifer. This series is not about UFOs, space invaders, or any other concepts of an alien species. Thus, when I include references to something “pre-Adamic,” it should not be associated with the popular topic of intergalactic trespassers…and it most definitely should not be linked to any speculations about aliens having been the true creators of Earth and Adam, or that humans were grown in a lab on Mars and planted here later on, or any other ideas that conflict with the clear teachings of the Word.

But could God have created angels that would later rebel and become the bizarre space beings described in abduction testimonies, and to whom “Creation” will be attributed by Ancient Astronaut theorists? Yes, that is possible, and yes, they would be pre-Adamic in nature since they predate Adam. But would this all be a grand deception perpetuated by the same beings who rebelled and whose true identity and purposes are far more nefarious than indicated by the phrase “travelers from a distant galaxy”? Absolutely.

Lastly, it is equally important to clarify that I am not suggesting all the strange phenomena we’ll consider in this chapter that point to ancient mysteries find their explanation in a pre-Adamic race just because we have no answers at present. Many books and documentaries have made this mistake (or similar) in the past and the spokespeople behind the media suffered humiliation at the same time their work was rendered outdated and irrelevant when scientists responded with new facts. I concede—without bias or hidden agenda—that we simply do not know what we’re looking at with many of these discoveries, and assigning their origins to a pre-Adamic race due to lack of any other leading sustainable theory is to make the same mistake I’ve herein criticized: deducing from assumption.

How I WILL Use These Terms

Don’t make the other mistake I’ve criticized, either: “condemnation before investigation.” The theory I propose near the end of this series, I hope, will not be scorned just because it might be new for some. To group these discoveries under a single question (that I acknowledge could be answered responsibly at any moment): Could these odd formations and objects point to an intelligent race on Earth before humanity entered the picture? If so, what were these pre-Adamic beings up to?

Before readers immediately think “aliens,” even though I just rendered that loosely possible under strict theological circumstances (if they were to originate from an ancient war between God and Lucifer), understand that I’m referring to a much wider category of “beings” in general: animals and humanlike forms of life (which will come into a sharper focus in later chapters).

When “pre-Adamites” appears in this series from this point on and is further examined in Before Genesis, it will mean a nonhuman race of entities. From the evidence (some of which is theological, as we’ll later address), there appears to be no other explanation than the possibility that intelligence was present in some form before 4004 BC and/or any other time frame near that of Adam’s formation.

Certain ancient rock foundations, structures, and temples across the globe haven’t ceased to baffle observers, and those who have dedicated their lives to studying these ruins have often raised more questions than they’ve answered. Not the least of these questions are frequently about who built these structures or left these OOPArts behind, what purposes they first served, and, most importantly, how the structures and OOPArts could have been designed when such technology didn’t yet exist. For instance, the size of the monolithic stones found in these locations, as well as the archaic building technology of that period, would have made the transportation and positioning of these stones an impossibility (in some cases, that’s true even for our time). Yet, these monoliths and constructs not only exist out in the open for any and all to see, but they’ve often been assembled with such precision that there’s not even room for a needle or a human hair between the stones. These discoveries present evidence that the slaves-with-pulley-carts civilization our history books portray don’t tell the whole story. These include gigantic edifices built from the largest stones ever cut and put into place, a feat that seems to indicate manufacturing skills well beyond those of what we know about primeval man.

Examples of such herculean slabs weighing hundreds of tons can be found above Lake Titicaca in Peru, with others situated in Tiahuanaco, twelve miles south of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia, South America. Even larger stones are the southern entrance of Baalbek, a city in eastern Lebanon famous for its magnificent temple ruins. These are a few of the many megalithic and mysterious structures most believe predate the great Flood of Noah’s day.

Such constructs obviously didn’t raise themselves thousands or millions of years ago, then mystically and autonomously carve ornate symbols on their own walls or stones. Nor could they have been fashioned by natural means. The frequent use of pagan figures and icons in many of these locations leads us to conclude we can’t assume that God, Himself, raised these structures just to test or confuse us (this would be taking to an extreme the offensive “Tricky God Theory” covered in the previous chapter).

Yet, many Christians (including Old Earthers) believe Adamite humanity is only ten thousand years old at most. Why are there so many foreign bones, tools, articles of clothing or jewelry, and other artifacts that reflect flourishing (and often quite wicked) civilizations all over planet Earth right under our noses that predate human origin?

Questions like these are what drove the preliminary debates regarding human and/or other races existing in antiquity in the first place, leading to theories that now fall under the heading “pre-Adamites.” Though I don’t claim to have all the answers, the prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel might have some…

…and, if so, we have good reason to believe at least some of these structures and objects from ancient Earth were principally Luciferian in origin.

Remember this: 1) Angels were created before Adam; 2) all angels were beings of intelligence; 3) some of them fell, becoming evil, and when they did; 4) Earth was their home. Therefore, though I cringe at the popular term “pre-Adamites” for their association with conspiracy theories (like OOPArts), I still find it an effective label for the beings who inhabited Earth before Adam—whether they were fallen angels or some grotesque crossbreed.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First, the discoveries, then a review of what they may imply and how they fit with a theological and biblical worldview.

Since the objects that would fit the description of an OOPArt are often isolated discoveries unrelated to existing, complex archeological sites, we will look at a few of those first. Note that I intentionally avoided mentioning any OOPArt discovery that is only reported (in those earlier-mentioned, heavily plagiarized articles) by sites dedicated to the Ancient Astronaut theory. However, because professionals in related fields tend to run from anything the Ancient Astronaut group has latched onto, some of these have yet to be thoroughly studied and, therefore, the reports on some of the following are still early.

UP NEXT: Ancient Nanotechnology in Russian Mountains

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