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AS SKYWATCH TV BROADCASTS 6-WEEK INVESTIGATIVE SERIES “BEFORE GENESIS”— Consider The Days Of The Old Nephilim Giants – The Walking Rephaim

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Opinions on the Nephilim are as varied as any topic in the Bible. Som people see them as vital to understanding the past and future times. Others agree that they existed but as an odd historical curiosity with no relevance to today. Others completely deny that the Nephilim came from the mixing of angels and humans, as described in Genesis 6. For today’s Christians, this is on the fringe of our beliefs, yet the Old and New Testaments thoroughly cover this topic. I was initially skeptical about the possibility of Nephilim or Rephaim living beyond the time of King David. But I found that this is one of those areas that the more you research it, the more surprises you find. The e are things I believe today that I didn’t a year ago. But why? The reason is evidence – Biblical text, oral traditions, physical evidence, and eyewitness testimony. This could easily be a book rather than a blog post, and there are many books on this topic. But for this post, I will give you the most convincing evidence I have found of their past existence and even their modern-day survival…(READ MORE)

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