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Do It For The Children: An Appeal To Our Viewers This Holiday Season

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Dear Friends of Skywatch TV and Whispering Ponies Ranch,

Next year, Skywatch TV and Whispering Ponies Ranch will celebrate its 10-year anniversary as one of America’s most trusted independent Christian news sites and broadcast networks. As we enter the holiday season, we find ourselves thankful for the opportunities of ministry that God has blessed us with over the past decade, and pray for decades of continued service.

As we embark on our 10th year, we are hoping and praying to continue for many years to come in serving our Lord and people around the world by reporting on cutting-edge news involving prophecy, discovery, the supernatural, and critical events shaping America and the world’s present and future.

Because many of you have been longtime supporters, I’ll be straight with you: we need your help to survive the increasing attacks on this ministry by key players within big tech, who have repeatedly de-platformed our channels. This began with the flagship account, which was taken down without warning in retaliation to our uncompromising analysis of global problems such as child sex trafficking and government corruption, deleting our quarter-million subscribers.

Most recently, they took down our “Simply His” women’s show, abruptly de-platforming them with no explanation or advance notice of infraction. We are also being constantly shadow-banned by key players and large-scale news aggregators in big tech (whom we choose not to name in this letter), which has made it difficult to share critical news with our global audience and to reach new viewers.

Current inflationary issues have caused charitable giving to decline across the United States, while likewise operation costs at Whispering Ponies Ranch have seen a significant increase under the same inflation. Many of our viewers can relate to this issue, as they have also seen vast increases in necessities such as groceries, fuel, and other budget items. Skywatch TV and Whispering Ponies Ranch currently juggles the financial struggle of having our channels de-platformed, while fighting to keep costs down and simultaneously facing immense inflation. Still, we have continued to provide our Whispering Ponies Ranch camp ministries, completely free of charge, to children within the foster care system and who have been rescued from heinous abuse of all types. But continuing to fund these endeavors is not a task we can do alone. To be blunt, rising costs, a decline in donations, and repetitive de-platforming are all elements which circle around one another to create the perfect storm: one which poses a threat to the future of this ministry.

To be sure, we are being proactive about remaining in the black and paying our bills. However, we have been forced into making a series of difficult choices including layoffs and cost-cutting measures throughout these ministries.

Of course, we are and plan to remain firmly committed to blazing forward with cutting-edge programming, award-winning Defender Books, and documentary films, and this is why we am writing you today. We want you to know the situation as it currently stands, and to be aware of our commitment to remaining steadfast in the face of such spiritual warfare by enemies of the Gospel working to close our mouths, a platform dedicated to diligently educating the masses about Bible prophecy, the end times and the imminent coming of Jesus Christ! We are also unwaveringly committed to our continued mission of bringing rest, hope, and rehabilitation to the lost and suffering children we are privileged to serve at our charitable ministry, Whispering Ponies Ranch.

Given the increasingly chaotic and lost condition of the world, people, including those in churches, are asking innumerable unanswered questions about the supernatural realm, the existence of God, and matters of faith. This has resulted in many falling prey to resources that do not align with the true faith passed down from our fathers, based on the inspired writings of the one true word of God. Our mission is to counter this trend with hard-hitting, unapologetic analysis firmly grounded in the Biblical worldview.

We here at Skywatch TV, Defender Publishing, and Whispering Ponies Ranch would like to express our gratitude for your past support of our ministries. Thanks to generous partners like you, we have been able to continue forward in producing high-quality content that has reached an increasingly wider audience every year. Your contributions have allowed us to inspire countless individuals to accept our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to abandon occult and New Age ideas, and to draw closer to God.

But, in truth, we need your ongoing support now more than ever. First and most importantly we need your support prayerfully. Our work relies on the power of prayer! Please join us in asking our Father God for protection, wisdom, and direction as we continue serving His Kingdom in these very meaningful ways. You can also support us financially if you believe in the mission of Skywatch TV, and our broader scope of charitable ministry that is focused on healing abused and trafficked children at the Whispering Ponies Ranch.

Any contribution, regardless of amount, will have a significant impact on our ability to continue producing high-quality content with the world’s leading researchers, writers, theologians and scholars, to report on the most recent end times and prophetic news, as well as bolster the number of hurting children we are able to serve at Whispering Ponies Ranch.

With your help, we can continue producing Christ-centered television programs, books, and documentaries that inform and inspire you, our audience. Please share this vision with your friends, family, and coworkers and encourage them to join our cause and stay informed. Your support is crucial in achieving these objectives and to win the spiritual battle raging all around us.

If you would like to donate, please visit our website, which can be found here, or you can call our toll-free number for a live representative at 1-844-750-4985. Donations can be made on a one-time or recurring monthly basis, and recurring donations can be cancelled at any time. The IRS recognizes Skywatch TV, Inc. as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which makes your contribution tax-deductible, and a receipt will be provided for your records at the end of the year.

The Skywatch team would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation for your kindness and support. Your partnership will enable us to further our vital mission of informing others about prophetic news and the end times, but best of all, will help us follow the Great Commission, spreading the Gospel to the four corners of the earth, and ministering to children in need. Together, we can reach greater heights for the Kingdom of God!

We sincerely appreciate your response to this call to action, and we hope that the Lord blesses you abundantly this holiday season. Let us remember that we are called “Sky Watchers” because we believe that Jesus is coming soon!

May God Bless You and Yours,

The Skywatch TV and Whispering Ponies Ranch Family

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