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AS “TIMEBOMB” AUTHOR JOE HORN WARNED NOT LONG AGO… Genetically Engineered Serums Are Making Their Way Into Organic Meat & Dairy

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The USDA and some organic certifiers have been looking the other way as genetically engineered (GE) vaccines make their way into US organic production. This contravenes the very principles of organic agriculture. This government-sanctioned deception of the public must stop—particularly as we prepare for a wave of mRNA vaccines hitting the market. Are you prepared to roll the dice with your health when you visit your grocery store? Access to good, clean food is a pillar of natural health, as is transparency of our food supply chain. As such, many health-conscious consumers pay the premium to buy organic foods because they are meant to be free of synthetic inputs and much closer to the foods grown and consumed by our ancestors. Organic certification also is meant to provide a high level of transparency of organic foods and ingredients. But large commercial interests have been eroding organic standards for some time. From a plain reading of the law (not to mention common sense) genetic engineering is not allowed in organic production. Yet according to industry watch-dog OrganicEye, the USDA, some certifiers, and certain commercial producers seem to be operating on a “don’t ask, don’t tell” basis when it comes to the use of genetically engineered (GE) or GMO-containing vaccines in organic…(READ MORE)

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