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Explaining The Taylor Swift/Inanna Phenomenon

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I’ve been trying to put my finger on the Taylor Swift phenomenon for some time now. Evidently people pay obscene amounts of money to see her, and she is breaking world records on her latest tour. By all accounts (well, not quite all) it’s worth seeing, as Miss Swift parades out on the stage in outfit after outfit and dazzles swarms of people with a show like Superbowl halftime on crack. What’s going on here really, though? In ancient Babylonian mythology, the goddess Inanna gets kicked out of the Babylonians’ version of the Garden of Eden, then returns to exact her revenge on its inhabitants and their god. For a brief time, Inanna was the chief goddess of the pantheon. When King Sargon the Akkadian appointed his daughter high priestess over the first Mesopotamian empire, she dedicated herself to the glories of Inanna. Unfortunately but unsurprisingly this included a lot of ritual sex. Inanna was the sex goddess not only of Babylon, but all the world. The Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, and pretty much everyone else recognized that they all worshiped this same goddess, though she had different names and slightly different origin stories depending on the culture. She was Aphrodite, Venus, Astarte, Ashtoreth, Isis, Lillith, and a host of other names. Yet everyone saw that she was really just the one spirit of illicit sex. Moderns don’t believe in spirits, demons, and goddesses — officially at least. We still have our myths about them, though, like Peter Pan’s Tinkerbell, the sexy fairy. Even in the 1950s Disney cartoon, Tinkerbell’s miniskirt is always just about ready to get hiked up too far. She cannot tolerate Peter’s interest in a sensible girl like Wendy. She would rather kill Wendy, in fact, than give up Peter to the pleasantries of a family life and devoted love in the bonds of marriage. Tinkerbell is one of the best pictures of Astarte in recent years, who comes to bring her flirtatious delights, stays to keep men in a state of perpetual adolescence, and would (if she could) kill the women who might possibly make us into men. I finally realized while listening to “Anti-hero” that she is the embodiment of the ancient goddess Astarte. But I was talking about Taylor Swift, or maybe I have been all this time…(READ MORE)

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