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WITH GREAT DELUSION ON ITS WAY… Harvard Physicist Predicts Humanity Will Accept An Alien Intelligence As ‘God’

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Harvard professor Avi Loeb predicted that the scientific discovery of an alien civilization — one that may potentially be billions of years old — will prompt humanity to unify in Alien faith. Whatever theory of alien civilizations is eventually accepted or rejected by scientists, Loeb said, people across the world should be “open-minded.” That doesn’t mean that the realization, on a humanity-wide level, of “neighbors” in the universe would not be a shocking event, Loeb said. In fact, it might be a profoundly spiritual experience. “A very advanced scientific civilization is a good approximation to God,” Loeb said. “Imagine a cave dweller visiting New York City and seeing all the gadgets in technology in terms of the lights appearing as a miracle to the cave dweller.” In the same way, Loeb explained, a “higher level of intelligence may not be easily understandable to us.” Going further, Loeb said that it is conceivable that an ultra-advanced civilization may appear to humans to have godlike powers. “You can imagine that the super human civilization that understands how to unify quantum mechanics and gravity might actually be able to create a baby universe in the laboratory, a quality that we assign to God in religious texts,” he said…(READ MORE)

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