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Terrifying Video Reveals Elon Musk’s Huge Army Of Satellites As Scientists Warn Of Starlink’s ‘Hidden Danger’

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A VIDEO of Elon Musk’s web of Starlink satellites has left onlookers stunned, as scientists warn of their little-known risks to the night sky. There are, at most, around 9,000 stars visible to Earth’s view of the sky, and around 5,000 Starlink satellites, as of August. According to new research, low-frequency radio waves are ‘leaking’ into the sky and hurting scientist’s ability to make astronomical observations. Sky gazers fear that soon satellites will outnumber the amount of stars there are to see, according to comments made on Musk’s social media platform X (formerly Twitter). One onlooker called the video “depressing”, before adding: “Literally in only a few years they will outnumber the stars themselves. “Gotta love lack of oversight that allows megalomaniacs to ruin the planet for everyone.”… Scientists are not only concerned that the growing number of satellites in orbit will change the landscape of the night sky. But they are also afraid of an extreme collision event, like what Nasa scientist Donald Kessler proposed in 1978. He said that if there was too much space junk in orbit, it could result in a chain reaction. In this instance, more objects collide and… (READ MORE)

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