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Pandemic. Shutdowns. Riots. Political unrest. Vaccinations. The Mark of the Beast. Euthanasia. Pedophilia. And…

…the sleeping Church.

How are all these things connected? The modern world has seen unparalleled challenges, circumstances, and travesties. Between the global pandemic of COVID-19, ensuing shutdowns, riots, economic strains, unprecedented political upset, and even cosmic disturbances and natural disasters, many of those with a biblical worldview cite prophetic implications as the source of current difficulties.

However, are greater components at work beneath the surface of the population’s difficulty? Are these hardships all mechanisms within a larger, satanic plot? If so, surely the Church will identify this malevolence and intervene on behalf of humanity, right?

Won’t they?

Sadly, we live in a world where it seems that evil is always escalating. It would appear that each generation is exceedingly and perpetually tolerant of every kind of evil. Are we headed for days similar to those mentioned in Matthew 24:37-39—those end times, sinful days that paralleled the times of Noah? For these authors, the implications are impossible to deny.

Meanwhile, mankind’s imaginations stay seemingly only a step or two ahead of his technological advances. This means that most of the innovation that man is able to illustrate through fiction soon becomes possible through real science. For those who think this concept is laughable, we humbly point out such modernizations as video chat, or wrist-worn communication devices (to name only the first two that come to mind), which were formerly only speculated futuristic amenities shown in the most fantastic sci-fi presentations such as Star Trek or the Jetsons.

The correlation between existing technological advances and end times could well be found in man’s ability to increasingly dream up malevolent advances. As man becomes progressively demented in his imaginings, his abilities to enact such horrors is ever-evolving as well. As this occurs, his heart grows colder, his temperance more desensitized, and his willingness to steps outside God’s boundaries becomes more calloused.

In a nutshell, we would say that even as man’s achievements follow only a few steps behind his imagination, so his wickedness elevates as well. In the minds of these authors, this constant escalation has the power to create the perfect circumstances for welcoming in key end-times players such as the Beast, his false prophet, and even for facilitating his Mark. It has often been speculated as to how a society would embrace the types of tyranny that the book of Revelation foretells and how a populace of rational people would watch compliantly as such atrocities were rolled out upon a civilization.

And, many wonder, where will the church be when this is happening?

Such events as are foretold in Revelation seem so outlandish that one would think to himself—surely—that the modern populace would offer resistance to this tyrannical global government. However, those who take prophecies in the book of Revelation literally believe that somehow the leadership will be convincing enough to coerce the masses into compliance. People will not knowingly be overcome by a force that has their own destruction in mind. Rather, masses must be deceived into believing that evil is good in order to remain tolerant of it. How will this happen in the future? We read in Matthew 24:24 that the Antichrist will deceive the population. Are his tactics already being deployed upon civilization? What elements, already brewing within our current culture, will become the catalyst tools that this entity will use for this mass deception?

These authors believe that this trickery will take place through a series of crowd-controlling events. And, these events will be so unprecedented that society will believe that this is indeed not tyranny, but rather, is a trustworthy government’s response to desperate and horrific conditions. With that frame of mind neatly set into place, the people will not only fail to protest as a one-world regime overtakes the masses, but they will turn against one another and act as civilian enforcers of this government’s totalitarian mandates.

As we look at modern culture holistically, we see a pattern of progression that indicates a trajectory that humanity is currently on. If we continue on this path, we are not only set to encounter end-times events, but we are set to actually embrace, encourage, and enable the coming one-world regime and even the Antichrist. As we study where we have come from, we see indicators telling us where we are headed, and as we study current conditions, we ascertain information on how these cryptic scenarios could indeed play out.

These authors believe that the necessary components of mankind’s coming deception have already been carefully embedded within modern culture. This multitude of tools which will be used against mankind are all cogs in a much larger mechanism hosting many moving parts. Together, these create a volatile set of circumstances which serve as a type of cultural powderkeg, ready to “blow” at the onset of the right trigger events. Some of these can be seen by studying the progression of media, and how its role has served to shape the views of the masses. Other elements can be recognized by studying man’s ever-escalating desensitization and depravity, by scrutinizing cultural behavioral norms and thinking/behavioral patterns, or even acknowledging the manipulation tactics already being used on the masses which are usually not recognized by the public. Further, societal hardships are often exploited to shape the populace’s willingness to acquiesce to governmental over-reach, while noble causes are often taken out of context by those in power and used to divide the masses against themselves, confusing people as to just who the real enemy is.

In the meantime, most Christians would place their hope in the notion that, during such desperate and evil times, the church would rise up in power, incite a revival, and revolutionize the confused crowd with an endowment of the wisdom of God. Unfortunately—and as prophesied in the book of Revelation—the church of the end-times will be as deceived as the rest of the world and will be sadly, grotesquely ineffective. It would seem that, by and large, we see a silent, complacent church where the body of Christ used to be the voice of reason and morality. Again, in a way similar to the one in which these authors have studied the trajectory of much of the secular population, we have also studied the progression of the institutionalized church in an effort to understand how something that began as the Body of Christ will be so blind and futile during such a crucial era.

The answer to that query may shock the reader. In a word, these authors assert that the modern church has become a cult. Before reacting to this statement with indignation, we would ask that the reader please note that we use the lower case “c,” “church” which we refer to as the religious institution, not the capital “C,” “Church,” which remains the true Body of Christ. This group represents those that will become what Revelation 12 calls the “Remnant:” the faithful few who will resist the evil forces of the Antichrist—those who will eventually break apart from the institution of religion and even become fugitives as these end-times events play out across the nations. These individuals will be considered a public enemy, their beliefs labeled as hate speech, and their practices of true worship prohibited by law while the ineffective “cult” of religiosity learns to placate those in authority. Does this mean we are headed for a post-Christian nation? At this point the reader may think that the future sounds hopeless. It doesn’t have to be! The Body of Christ has been given power and authority to stand in adversity. We can still be effective, and we can help others identify the warning signs that a true societal storm is incoming. But this is only possible if we, ourselves, see it coming…

Investigating the shocking cultural manifestations mentioned in this article, author Reverend Donna Howell reveals compelling parallels between the modern-day church and historical cult phenomena; while author/researcher/child advocate Allie Anderson exposes how the secular populace is currently being programmed to embrace the homogenized and subtly coerced principles that shape the public’s new worldview.

Throughout this series, multiple aspects of society’s religious and cultural revolutions will be discussed at greater length. Since knowledge is power, then ignorance is weakness. By learning how to identify the existing elements of the POWDERKEG, we can raise awareness, and be an effective force for the Kingdom by arming ourselves with information and preparing ourselves to stand.

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