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Once in a while, a dream I (Donna Howell) experience has too many layers of meaning and awareness, makes too much sense, and involves too much legitimate, cognitive logic. Those, I normally pay attention to—and this appeared to be one of those dreams.

If God was showing me something, though, what could it be? Was He merely confirming that His messengers would be what His Word said they would be? Or was there a warning hidden somewhere in there for Nita or David? Should I call them right away and see if it was supposed to be for one of them?

Before I could think too much about it in that particular hour, I drifted back to sleep. I had been stifled and shaken when I first awoke, but once I had freed myself from the tangles of my blankets and found a position that relieved my back, my body relaxed, my breathing slowed, and I was back to a dreamless, but restful, state.

Getting ready for work the next morning, I thought about the dream several times. Every step of my morning routine, I found myself shaking my head. It wasn’t just nonsense. Something was prickling my spirit, and, strangely, I had managed to remember every detail of the dream without writing it down when I first woke, even though I had gone back to sleep for a few more hours. That was unusual. Many times in the past, I would have an experience in the middle of the night that I would take mental note of. If I went back to sleep right afterward, I would forget for a day or two, until the memory of the disturbance came back, and when it would, it came back fuzzy—parts clear, the majority forgotten. This time, not only could I remember everything, but the details wouldn’t leave me alone. They were circling through my mind even as I started my car to drive to the office I share with Allie Anderson.

I picked up my phone, scrolled to Allie’s name, and hit the microphone-shaped “talk to text” button: “Running late. Body’s wrecked. Weird night. Be there soon.”

Fully awake now, with coffee coursing through my veins as I was headed down my driveway, one component of the story suddenly shocked me.

Flies? I questioned silently. Doesn’t the name Baalzebub mean “the Lord of the Flies”?

This realization, atop the more obvious association of these pests as a plague upon Egypt, gave me the creeps. I had hugged one of these reviling creatures. Well, the Donna in my dream did. Yuck.

A few moments later, I was heading into the office. Allie, as sweet as ever, had a pot of coffee brewing. I knew we desperately needed to work on this book, because we had a deadline hovering over our heads, but Allie somehow knew better.

“Tell me everything. The book will get done,” she said. “If you don’t, it’ll haunt you all day and you won’t be able to get any writing done, anyway.”

I knew she was right, so I threw my purse onto the counter and flopped into the entryway chair. I told her the whole dream, including precisely what the furry, moth-like flies looked like when they landed on the bed, as well as every other bizarre detail.

“So then, I’m in my car, just after texting you, and I remembered: Doesn’t Baalzebub mean ‘Lord of the Flies’?”

Allie nodded, and we sat in quiet reflection for a minute or two. Time was ticking, deadlines were looming, and if God did mean to give me a message through this dream that was relevant for this book, He would make that clear, we believed. Meanwhile, we needed to get to work.

We headed for our computers, each pouring a fresh cup of coffee and agreeing on the way that I probably wasn’t supposed to immediately call Nita or David. As my computer was blinking to life, I glanced at my Logos Bible Software toolbar icon and got the idea to quickly look up “lord of the flies,” just to be sure we were right about the name. When I did, I got much more of a lead than I could have hoped for.

“Allie, check it out… Baalzebub was so named not just for flies generically, but specifically for the species of flies that swarmed Palestinian territory in summer. These scholars on Logos are saying it’s something with a long name I can’t pronounce.”

“Spell it,” Allie said, immediately pulling up a new tab on her browser.

“Uh…p-s-y-c-h-o-d-i-d-a-e. This guy says it’s otherwise called the ‘drain fly,’ because they hang around stagnant pools of water and breed bacteria, lay their eggs, and—ew, gross—they multiply to the point that they can clog the plumbing.” I clicked another source. “Ugh, this is sickening, but part of the reason they are known as ‘drain flies’ is because their jaws are powerful enough to bite through the hair and sludge waste that builds up in drains.”

“Wow,” Allie said. “That’s disgusting. I wonder what they—”

“—I wonder what they look like!” I interrupted.

We were both immediately clacking away at the keyboard for a second, spelling psychodidae into the Google search box to see what would come up in the photos. I was floored, and my heart quickened at what I saw… Every picture that flooded my screen in that first search was exactly what I had seen in my dream. The size of a housefly, but blondish in color, moth-like and furry, almost feathery in texture. Each time the psychodidae drain fly was captured at just the right angle of light in these pictures, its wings took on that “mother of pearl” iridescence they had in my dream when the light faded from them.

There was no way I could have depicted that specific pest to that detail and then “coincidentally” discover later on I was describing the very fly that Baalzebub was ruler over. Yet, when nobody else was looking, for a split second, I had seen these “angels” in the form they didn’t want anyone to know about.

Psychodidae drain fly, over whom Baalzebub rules[1]

This was confirmation that whatever the message of this dream was, it had assuredly been from God; He allowed that to be known in spades through this one specific detail. The ruler of the “angels” in my dream—or was it a vision?—was not our Lord, but the dark lord who can, as the Bible acknowledges, “masquerade as an angel of light” (2 Corinthians 11:14).

Later, I looked up “doves.” Despite what the Donna in the dream thought were “doves, like the Holy Spirit,” the little “chick-like” birds that the angels had morphed into at one point were not doves. After pouring over hundreds of images on every birdwatching site I could access, there were a few possible matches (blackbird with albinism, white house sparrow, sparrow with albinism), all of which are extremely rare and ironically irregular—as if they normally appear in another form but “aberrant [a word that is synonymous with “deviant”] plumage” masks them as something else. At the same time, I looked up “winged heart.” It’s a common jewelry icon as well as a leading tattoo for many, who often place it along the lower back and bicep. In our culture, it has various “in love” and “freedom” associations, but as I dug a little deeper, I found that the winged heart is a very ancient symbol. It holds many historical ties with world religions (especially the Sufi order of Islam), frequently denoting a link between our soul or spirit and the physical world—a kind of transcendence, so to speak. Angels of the Lord I serve wouldn’t have any purpose appearing as “aberrant plumage” birds or winged hearts. (At the time of this writing, I’m still looking into the many echelons of symbolism this dream revealed. It’s developing and unraveling as I type…)

Two days after sharing all of this with Allie, I was at a meeting with the executives of SkyWatch TV and Defender Publishing, discussing the then-upcoming launch of the new studio and what content would be featured in the inaugural episodes. I was still reeling about “this fly thing,” as Allie had heard me loop about, so I decided to share it with everyone present, including Nita, who was hearing it for the first time. Oddly, I did not tell anyone that I was still hoping for an interpretation of the dream; I just said it was bothering me, I had to get it off my chest, and I felt this was the time to do it. As I shared, Allie piped in and confirmed that I had described the flies to her, and then discovered the connection to Baalzebub.

Joe Ardis Horn offered a surprising interjection. Typically, Joe is never that “signs and wonders” guy, and he’s not always looking for spiritual meaning under every rock, so I was shocked when he said what he did. Without skipping a beat, he articulated what rang true for all of us.

“I think the dream is from God, and I think it’s quite obvious what it means,” he began. “You, Nita, and David represent three kinds of people in the Church. We all love David,” Joe said, speaking of the mutual friend, “but we know that he tends to accept what is told to him at face value sometimes.” By “sometimes,” Joe was being gracious and showing decorum. We have all seen this particular friend embrace one answer after another to his own detriment when unconditional reliance upon Scripture would have led him straight countless times in the past. “He is so desperate for spiritual answers that when someone comes along claiming to have them, he doesn’t always think about whether the intervention is from the Lord or from the world, or even from somewhere darker in origin. You saw him off in one corner praising the angels because he represents a drastic lack of discernment in the Church. Nobody reads their Bibles anymore, so nobody can be counted on to recognize what is from God versus what isn’t. David, at least currently, represents those who will embrace the Beast System.”

We all nodded. It was, sadly, a valid observation.

“Nita represents that Christian who is so close to the Lord that the Holy Spirit blares warning signals when something isn’t right. She knows the voice of God, and she hears from Him, so even when everything looks legitimate, if something is off, the Spirit within her can reach her with a warning. Nita may not be a theologian with three or four doctorates behind her name, and she may not therefore be the first one to lay out all the theological angles and layers of what is or is not an angel, but she has a far greater power. She reads the Word of God, which has taught her how the Lord speaks—and she prays without ceasing, which also has given her a relationship with God. So, even when she doesn’t exactly understand why something is suspect the way a scholar would, she knows when the voice of God is warning her of danger.”

Everyone nodded again. Nita is steadfast in her faith. That much was common knowledge. She has many times had that “gut feeling,” that “Spidey-sense,” as we all say, to recognize—well before the rest of us—when something “feels off.” She has counseled Tom Horn on numerous occasions in the past about whether to sell a business, launch a major endeavor, move to a new place, take a ministerial position, and so on. Every last time, Tom has admitted later that, against his own judgment, Nita “was right.” Her “I have a gut feeling” moments have spared everyone in that room from fatal or near-fatal disasters at some point, and on many occasions, her “don’t do it” warnings have rescued us from bad relationships and terrible life decisions. The list goes on and on with her. Joe was right in saying that she represented the Remnant: the people who love the Lord and sincerely follow Him up to the End, who hear His voice louder than all the others as a result.

“You, Donna—” Joe turned to me. “Unlike Nita, who has had multiple decades of spiritual maturity to recognize the Lord’s voice and have a sharpened ‘Spidey-sense,’ you represent those who are pouring into the Word of God. You know what the Word says, and you’re dedicated to increasing that knowledge every day. You’re thrilled when you figure out that a verse doesn’t mean what culture thinks it does, and you continue to challenge those around you to dig into the Word in the same way. Nita follows the Lord with her heart and soul, and the mind follows. You follow the Lord with your mind, and your heart and soul follow. But regardless of the intellect-first approach, which looks initially like it will trip you up and have you hugging fly-angels, you eventually recognize when something is not what the Bible says it is, and you have the head knowledge to respond to that kind of warning.”

“What bothers me,” I interjected, “is that I didn’t start with the test of the spirits or any other discernment exercises. What took me so long?”

“Yes, but,” Joe said, “you recognized the evil before these beings ever had a chance to give you their message or tell you what to do.”

Again, everyone nodded. It was humbling to hear him speak of me that way, but the others in the room had the same opinion. I may not “hear from the Lord” the way Nita does with that immediate, internal, divine detection, but a person can absolutely be led by God through His Word, which I have given my life over to studying.

“Bottom line—” Joe said, leaning forward in his chair; we all followed suit, interest piqued, leaning forward as well. “—you and Nita are the Remnant. The few.”

Joe didn’t realize it, but he was preaching this book you hold in your hands.

“When the Beast System arrives,” Joe continued, “some Christians will recognize it because they intimately know the voice of God; others will recognize it because they intimately know the Word of God. The voice and the Word are from one and the same Source. The majority of Christians, tragically, will not recognize the Beast System for what it is, because they are accepting what they are spoon-fed about God and religion. When a doctrine comes along that is an affront to the God of the Bible, instead of consulting God or the Word, they will consult culture and the world to see what is societally acceptable. In the End, many Christians will be led astray by a religion that looks nothing like true Christianity.”

“A syncretized religion…” I said, leaning back into my seat. My expression told Joe that something he had just said was significant… Very significant.

“What?” Joe said.

“Nothing,” I responded, shaking my head. I didn’t have the time it would take to tell Joe that he had just accidently prophesied—and therefore confirmed—the book Allie and I had been writing.

This book you hold, with everything we said about the Church, at that moment Joe completed his interpretation of my dream, was already written

“For God speaketh once, yea twice…in a dream, in a vision…” (Job 33:14).

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[1]Clogmia albipunctata, filter fly, Size: 5.1 mm, ID Confidence: 88,” uploaded by Robert Webster of Xpda on October 6, 2014, to Wikimedia Commons: The Free Media Repository, last accessed December 17, 2020,

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