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Indirect Exposure to Porn

While we’re on the subject of inappropriate content and messages hidden in plain sight, let’s talk about pornography. Did you know it’s now being hidden in television shows that claim to be of a different genre? For example, the 2019 Amazon production, The Boys, which is categorized as an action, comedy, and crime film, is only one of many recent shows that include pornography. The characters in this series blatantly view pornography; in fact, during any given episode, porn scenes are allowed to play in the background—or even in the forefront. Many scenes show fully nude men and women engaging in intercourse or the exchange of sexual dialogue between same-gender couples and groups (also including nudity). At one point, a superhero on the rooftop of a New York City skyscraper pleasures himself while repeating variations of the phrase, “I can do whatever I want.”[i] These authors aren’t the only ones who find the sexual content of this series out of line; even liberal media outlets have cited their objections. Cosmopolitan author Hannah Chambers, for example, wrote an article entitled, “Uh…Can We Talk About All the Weird Sex Stuff Happening on ‘The Boys’?” In it, she states that her “eyelids are now singed [on the inside] with all the insane sex scenes from this ridiculous show,” and makes the tongue-in-cheek comment that she now categorizes her life into two segments: “before and after The Boys scarred…[her] memory.”[ii] The article also reveals other secular sources in which viewers have made similar comments, and Chambers highlights the most disturbing of their sexual content—which these authors cannot bring ourselves to elaborate upon.

The alarming issue about the pornographic subplots in this show is the deception in how it’s marketed. When allowing their kids (especially young boys) to watch a superhero series (which, in this case, you’ll remember, is listed in the category of action, comedy, and crime), they have no idea that they’re introducing their kids to this type of content. Because exposure to pornography grooms children to tolerate many other exploitive situations and taints their ability to form their own identity in a healthy way, conditioning and normalizing sex amongst our minors is a major way the population is undoubtedly being groomed to embrace the unthinkable (pedophilia).

What Does the Future Hold?

We live in a world whose very media has turned against the population viewing it and serves to divide, indoctrinate, and strip our youngsters of their innocence while feeding them an agenda their minds aren’t ready to process—and which God never wants these little ones to see. When we add this reality to the fact that we are living amid the sci-fi technology and developments our grandparents were afraid of, we find that our own future could become quite scary. As stated previously, the only things that keep us from living the scenes we see played out on television are the level of depravity of mankind and technological advancements. If and when these two elements were to catch up to what we see portrayed—if mankind becomes depraved enough and technology advances enough—we must wonder what will keep our world safe, our youths innocent, our minds guarded, and even our bodies fully human. What unthinkable things could the public be conditioned to embrace as technology continues to open doors to myriad possibilities?

For example, in 1987’s The Running Man, Arnold Schwarzenegger finds himself as a contestant in a game show wherein the public savagely watches people fight to the death for entertainment. You may say that would never happen, but if you did, you’d have to make a case for why it would never happen again, since previous cultures have already done this very thing with Christians and others in the coliseums of centuries past. This is only one of many cases where people may think such things would never happen, but they don’t realize mankind has already proven that it has the depravity necessary for engaging in such a practice. If history truly repeats itself, then the perception that this is an impossible scenario could be borne out of false sense of security.

On another sinister note, The Terminator predicted artificial intelligence so advanced that it would eventually surpass the intellect of its makers, waging war on humankind. What other plotlines in current fictional fantasy could point toward our society’s future? Could generalizing sexual behavior in minors lead to the mainstream acceptance of pedophilia? Will euthanasia as portrayed in such movies as Logan’s Run eventually be embraced, and even enforced? Is Bitelabs’ “celebrity meat” endeavor merely a hoax, or is the day coming when someone can order the edible, lab-grown clone-meat of another human being? Will technology foster innovations such as a digital economy, paving way for the Mark of the Beast?

While the science behind many unspeakable activities lingers on the horizon, most of us take consolation (founded or unfounded) in the notion that these scenarios may never be reality. But what makes us so sure? We’re so quick to place our hopes in the concept that mankind will draw and adhere to certain ethical lines, yet when previously faced with opportunities to cross such barriers, our track record gives us reason to doubt. As we’ve emphasized, the advancements and accomplishments featured in many sci-fi movies are evident in our daily practices already. We’ve already established that activities such as harvesting fetal tissue aren’t efforts we seem to ethically oppose. We’ve tolerated and even embraced being surveilled and having our location monitored for years now. Euthanasia is already legally occurring in some places of the world, while the US becomes increasingly open-minded about it. Considering what is already possible and allowed, who can say that we won’t embrace even worse monstrosities?

In the midst of all these questions, the hands of society’s sculptors are at work. Our culture, by and large, reflects the work of a mastermind manipulator, carefully crafting for centuries to bring mankind to a point of wreckage, loss, and self-destruction. His culpability is often anonymous, and his very existence is denied by many who unwittingly follow him. His agents work diligently to foster within the populace the readiness to adopt his manifestations. It is a global, large-scale shaping for the acceptance of monstrosities like those that are foretold in the book of Revelation. It is crowd control: how the masses are being groomed to embrace the unthinkable amidst a post-Christian nation.

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