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Calculated Chaos: The “Emergency” that May Open the Door for the Beast System! How Your Assets Will Soon be Confiscated – Legally

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The director of the FBI recently went before Congress to warn that Chinese computer hackers are preparing to soon “wreak havoc and cause real-world damage” to our “water treatment plants, electric grid, and gas pipelines.” Even if I assume that our FBI director is sharing his honest concerns, the actions of the current administration betray the opposite. Our Border Patrol reports over 5,000 encounters with Chinese nationals per month. Most of these encounters are with single military-aged men. And yet our Southern border has remained wide open. If you really care about the Chinese military directing cyberattacks against our infrastructure, then wouldn’t you work hard to prevent thousands of potential Chinese military agents from coming over the U.S. border without any type of vetting or tracking? So, what is really motivating the Biden administration to invite potential Chinese terrorists into the country to “wreak havoc” and cause “real-world damage” to our nation’s infrastructure? To understand that, we need to step back and take in a bigger picture of world events… (READ MORE)

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