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Iranian Muslims Find Jesus in Truly Miraculous Ways: ‘God Is Using Dreams’

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One of the leaders of an organization working to spread the Gospel to Iranians reports that claims of Middle Easterners encountering Jesus in dreams are “quite common,” with the Lord using these interactions to draw individuals closer to Him. “God is using [dreams] to speak to Iranians all the time,” Lana Silk, U.S. director of Transform Iran, recently told CBN News. “He uses every method He can. … The Iranians are open to dreams; they are dreamers. They enjoy talking about their dreams, and they’re aware of their dreams, and God uses that to speak to them.” While reports of Jesus appearing in dreams to Middle Easterners are prevalent, the same can’t be said for Americans more generally, as such anecdotal reports in the West seem far less rampant…(READ MORE)

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