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Declining Adherence to Core Beliefs of Christian Faith Among Preteens in Record Numbers, Study Finds

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A recent study by the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University raises alarm for Christianity in the US, pointing to a decline in biblical worldview adoption among preteens in record numbers. “Five beliefs central to the Christian faith are being widely rejected by children in the 8-to-12 age range.” Only 36% of preteens believe that “Jesus Christ is the only way to experience eternal salvation, based on confessing your sins and relying only upon His forgiveness of your sins,” compared to 54% of children’s ministers and 34% of parents. Similarly, just 25% see that “the Bible is the true words of God that should be a guide to knowing right from wrong, and living a good life,” while 62% of pastors and 44% of parents agreed. Only 21% of preteens believe in absolute truths, compared to 42% of ministers and 33% of parents believing so. And less than one-third said that their “main reason to live is to know, love and serve God, with all of their heart, soul, mind, and strength,” in contrast to the 56% of ministers who said the same…(READ MORE)


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