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TO LEAVE EARTH AND NEVER RETURN? Elon Musk Speaks Out About Colonizing Mars and Extraterrestrial Life

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The SpaceX CEO has some ambitious plans to build a thriving city on the Red Planet within as little as 20 years. At a SpaceX event at the firm’s Starbase facility in Texas on April 6th, Musk outlined his vision for the coming decades and touched on a number of topics ranging from alien life to the future of humanity. On the subject of Mars, Musk talked a bit about using a new technology he calls Ship to Ship Propellent Transfer that can be used to refuel Starship (the firm’s next-generation space vehicle) after it has reached orbit so that it will have enough fuel for long-distance missions. Each individual trip to Mars, he claims, will require Starship to be refueled 6 times. Ultimately, Musk wants us to stop being a “lame one-planet civilization” and colonize Mars by building a colony there within as little as 20 years.There is one snag, however, as those who choose to go and live there will not have the option to return to the Earth at all (at least to begin with)…(READ MORE)


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