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Agricultural Tool or FUTURIZED WEAPON? US Firm is Now Selling a Robot Dog Equipped with a Flamethrower

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Ohio-based company Throwflame is now selling its terrifying ‘Thermonator’ robot, complete with flamethrower. While it’s easy to imagine purchasing a robot capable of helping out around the home, carrying heavy loads or completing mundane tasks, one firm in Ohio has just brought out a robot that is definitely more like The Terminator than it is Bicentennial Man. The quadrupedal contraption – dubbed ‘Thermonator’ – is essentially a robotic dog equipped with a fully functional flamethrower capable of spewing out a 30ft jet of flame. What’s more, you can actually buy one for the princely sum of $9,420. The device is apparently legal everywhere in the United States except in Maryland…(READ MORE)


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