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Fathers, It’s Time to Step Up Your Game

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Last week I stood in front of 50 inmates inside a prison in Bayamón, Puerto Rico, to share a message from Luke’s Gospel about the prodigal son. The men ranged in age from early 20s to late 70s. When I talked about how much the generous father loved his prodigal son—in spite of his horrible behavior—the guys wiped away tears. When I called one of the prisoners to walk toward me from the back of the room so I could demonstrate how the father ran to his son and hugged him, all the men wanted a hug. I didn’t take a poll, but I could tell that many of the guys didn’t grow up with healthy dads. They were starved for a father’s love and affirmation. I asked one of the younger guys why he was in prison, and he lowered his head in shame and told me he had killed someone. When I embraced him (the first time I’ve ever hugged a murderer), I had no fear because he had been so obviously transformed by the love of Jesus…(READ MORE)



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