Dr. Thomas Horn, CEO

Dr. Thomas Horn, CEO

Whereas it is the express purpose of the Great Commission of the New Testament Church to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his teachings to all the nations of the world through local and foreign ministry, missionary work, and evangelism for the purpose of constituting the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ, built and established upon the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the Chief Cornerstone; and whereas Bible prophecy and “signs of the times” are integral to the preaching of the Gospel and will be fulfilled at the Second Coming of Christ; and finally that God Himself ordained His Universal Church to be enjoined in the observation of end-times signs as part of study, counsel and instruction for the work of the ministry and for the exercise of those spiritual gifts and offices provided for in the New Testament, SkyWatch TV has been established as a non-profit organization to propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ through unique print and visual media.

Solid, learned theological interpretation of biblical prophecy and scriptural insight on issues of the supernatural in our modern world is scarce. From those whose approach to biblical analysis is riddled with inaccurate twists to those who play on sensationalism for attention or increased sales of a product, many today who have serious unanswered questions have so few sources to rely upon for truthful analysis of the Living Word’s wisdom and warnings. Additionally, many churches and Christian media sources overlook or avoid digging too deeply into subjects that raise complicated or controversial questions. As a result, what some believe to be “forbidden” subjects (such as prophecy, supernatural and paranormal events, hot-button international and religious headlines, etc.) are greatly neglected. Today’s seekers of truth—young and old; believers and non-believers (of the traditional Christian faith)—find themselves understandably hungry for answers in areas that the local church may leave pending. As a result, many wind up in dark corners of the Internet seeking answers where they can become vulnerable to deception. Yet the world is seeking, more now than ever, for reliable reflections and discussion of these difficult, yet real, topics.  This, perhaps, is why people are so excited about SkyWatch TV.  But, readers of this article will find it refreshing that delivering answers to hard-hitting questions is not the only goal of SkyWatch TV or its founders. With the launch of this new enterprise comes far-reaching opportunities for new purpose. The list below is a brief summary of our overall vision.


Starting with our lineup of well-respected veteran broadcasters in fields of prophecy and biblical studies, SkyWatch TV breaks the mold on religious programming as it has been known in the past. While the theology that guides its leaders remains orthodox Western Evangelical, the SkyWatch team boldly takes on unconventional subjects from fields as wide as the genetics revolution to astrobiology—and finds the amazing ways in which God (sometimes through prophecy) addresses complex issues. SkyWatch TV will present this distinctive approach on cable, will be closed captioned for hearing impaired, as well as broadcast on all major mobile devices, including I-TV.

Studio A—which has been built and is the primary studio in which regular daily and weekly programming began—is only a small part of the larger SkyWatch facilities.

Construction of “Studio B” is next and is waiting for additional funding. An all-women’s cast will operate from this studio (think of it as a Christian version of The View) and will cover a variety of issues of importance to women, from a woman’s point of view.


Like some high-caliber and celebrated television stations have done in the secular domain, SkyWatch TV plans to feature investigative reports and full-length documentaries involving on-location and original field footage and research, promising to deliver what no Christian broadcasting ministry has ever offered before. Examples of some of the first special investigations include:

  • INHUMAN: The Movie“Transhumanism” is a term that represents the merging of the human race with science and technology to the point that mankind can and will evolve beyond our current physical and mental limitations. For many, these developments embody an exciting new age, delivering an unprecedented opportunity to permanently and globally overcome disease and medical weakness, embracing our future with freedom from the restraints of our own biological fates. But often, those who relate to God-fearing faiths find this movement alarming, observing that it frequently raises questions regarding the morality of human body and mind tampering, and the irreversible dangers therein. Never before have these two voices, science versus religion, met to this depth to discuss these issues. Interviews for this full-length, original, SkyWatch TV-exclusive documentary have been collected from some of the top names in Transhumanism circles including Natasha Vita-More and James Hughes, as well as esteemed theologians and bioethicists such as Gary Stearman and Wesley Smith.
  • Redeemed Unredeemable DocumentaryJesus said that redemption is available to everyone. No one is beyond His reach; no one falls outside the boundaries of His willingness to forgive. Anyone who calls on Him will be saved, He says. But, does that really include the world’s most infamous convicts such as Manson Family disciples Susan Atkins and Charles “Tex” Watson, serial killer Ted Bundy, “Milwaukee Monster” Jeffrey Dahmer, “Son of Sam” David Berkowitz, “Pickaxe Killer” Karla Faye Tucker, and parent-killer Sean Sellers? Defender Publishing’s newest book release, Redeemed Unredeemable, featured exclusive interviews with many who were involved in these cases, including relatives of the victims and perpetrators, prison staff members and ministers, and, when possible, even the criminals, themselves, several of which have already agreed to a filmed interview for the documentary.
  • On the Path of the Immortals—Following the release of their international bestseller, Exo-Vaticana, Thomas Horn and Cris Putnam were inundated with requests from around the world to produce a documentary on the subject. What they discovered sent shockwaves through Christianity concerning the Vatican’s advanced telescope, which sits on top of Mt. Graham in Arizona (USA), where the Jesuits admit they are monitoring “something” approaching the earth. After the authors’ initial report was published in Exo-Vaticana, the pope’s top astronomer took to the airwaves and on the Vatican Observatory website to try and explain the role that he and other church astronomers are playing in regards to emerging “ET Friendly” theology, their association with the LUCIFER device at Mt. Graham, and their developing doctrines concerning extraterrestrial life and the impact it may have on planet Earth’s religions; Christianity in particular. Now, armed with fresh information (including from the native peoples that failed before a federal appeals court to stop the construction of the Vatican’s observatory on one of their four holiest mountains), Thomas Horn and Cris Putnam set out with cameras and field investigators to unearth their most astonishing discovery yet. The mountain is said to be a portal, a gateway to another dimension. And, as the Vatican knows and the authors uncover, it is not the only one.



Defender Publishing has sought to bring vital information to the public for years, and the public’s response to these endeavors speaks for itself. People yearn to gain further insight and education on subjects most typically unattended by the church, and the staff at Defender are reached out to by hundreds of thousands of people per year with positive feedback about the books and media generated from this unique company. As a result, Defender has decided to expand toward a broader emphasis on cutting edge materials and interviews for an international audience.

For the first time ever, Defender plans to solicit ideas from its global audiences for special investigations, allowing even the concepts of exploration to originate as a result of public survey.


Records show that some of the most highly attended prophecy conferences in North America began as a vision from the current SkyWatch TV founders. Each year, people from all over the nation have travelled far and wide (and on occasion have taken the pains to travel into the United States from abroad), just to be present at these gatherings.  These events have featured some of the most sought after names among Christian and prophecy teachers.

Plans are currently underway to execute the largest and most titanic conference to date, which is scheduled to take place in 2016. SkyWatch TV will release updates on this conference as we get nearer to the time and location.


Similar to what other major education-based channels have done in the past, SkyWatch TV will be launching a free monthly magazine early in 2015. However, SkyWatch Magazine will be unlike any comparable publication to date and include contributions from world-renowned experts in the fields of theology, eschatology, geopolitics, and the supernatural. SkyWatch Magazine will explore compelling questions about the nature of reality, the unseen war that rages around us, and the future, all viewed through the lens of Bible prophecy and measured against the plumbline of the Word of God. The format will be dynamic, with the electronic editions featuring interactive content and embedded video.


For nearly a decade, one of the SkyWatch TV founders and several of their associates were involved in Christian conference facilities across the west, primarily in Oregon and Washington. On occasion, these retreats were booked by groups overseeing recuperative getaways for children and/or adults seeking haven and/or sanctuary from the dilemmas or abuse or their lives at home. Many of those in attendance left with new hope and direction, as well as a restored faith.

For the leadership behind SkyWatch, observing these life changing experiences begat a driving passion to open a retreat center, available at no-cost (including all amenities), for inspirational and healing retreats. Starting in 2015, construction will begin on this new 150-acre resource. The land has already been purchased and some of the amenities constructed. Additional funding is needed to finish the facilities. This ministry for both children and adults will provide a safe, healing atmosphere alongside therapeutic programs involving hospice animal-training, equestrian trails, prayer trails, fishing, ropes/obstacle courses, trust exercises, physical education courses, outdoor schools, and more.


There is always a good cause to support, and the founders of SkyWatch TV feel the need to establish a charitable trust to benefit worthy charities. Actions have already been taken to determine, gather, and confirm a board of trustees toward this goal.

Most predominantly, funds raised by the trust will assist abused, neglected, and/or abandoned children as well as support for wounded veterans and similar causes.

To comment, contribute, or to learn more about any part of the 7-Fold Vision of SkyWatch TV, please contact us at the link on the top of our web page.

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