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Who We Are

Dr. Thomas R. Horn

tom-hornLong time television and radio personality, author of dozens of best-selling books and publisher of many others, Thomas Horn, serves as the Chief Executive Officer of SkyWatchTV. At the dawn of the Internet, Horn launched two news services where coverage of latest-breaking news and information on cutting-edge stories covering religion, prophecy, discovery, and the supernatural through in-depth investigative reports led to his network of writers being referenced and interviewed by the biggest names in broadcasting, including: LA Times Syndicate, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, Time, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, BBC, MSNBC, Michael Savage, SciFi Channel, History Channel, Hannity & Colmes, Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural”, The Jim Bakker Show,  Celebration Daystar TV, FaithTV, The Harvest Show, The 700 Club, Coast to Coast AM, WorldNetDaily,, White House Correspondents, and dozens of other newsmagazines and press agencies around the globe. SkyWatchTV is the consummation and new “mothership” of Tom’s several subsidiaries including Defender Films and Defender Publishing.

Derek P. Gilbert

Derek Gilbert’s broadcasting career dates back to 1980 in Galesburg, Illinois, and included stops in Peoria, Little Rock, Saint Louis, Philadelphia, and suburban Chicago. With the advent of the Internet, he began producing and hosting the web radio programs A View From the Bunker and P.I.D. Radio, which he co-hosts with his wife, author and analyst Sharon K. Gilbert — also a member of the SkyWatchTV team.

Derek and Sharon co-host SciFriday, a weekly look at science and technology through a Christian lens, and Unraveling Revelation (beginning July 2019), a discussion of theology and geopolitics related to end times prophecy.

He’s authored the groundbreaking books Last Clash of the Titans: The Prophesied War Between Jesus Christ and the Gods and Antiquity and The Great Inception: Satan’s PSYOPs from Eden to Armageddon. His new book, Bad Moon Rising: Islam, Armageddon, and the Most Diabolical Double-Cross in History, will be published in the summer of 2019.

Derek is also a contributing author to Saboteurs, The Milieu: Welcome to the Transhuman ResistanceThe Final Roman EmperorGod’s Ghostbusters, Blood on the Altar, I Predict, and When Once We Were a Nation. He’s a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan, prefers glasses to contacts, and sings the high part in gospel and barbershop quartets.

Donna Howell

Donna Howell is managing editor of Defender Publishing, ghostwriter, and Tom Horn’s personal assistant. As former managing editor (and later CEO) of Anomalos Publishing, Donna brings a long list of qualifications to her current position as production manager and writer/researcher for Defender Publishing.

Donna is also the author of Radicals, The Handmaidens Conspiracy, and is co-author of Final Fire and Redeemed Unredeemable, a book she and Dr. Horn co-authored (Donna was the chief researcher for this title).


We believe:

  1. That the Bible is the literal, divinely-inspired and complete Word of God
  2. In one God, creator of all things, eternally existing in three Persons.
  3. That Jesus Christ was and is true God and true man.
  4. That Jesus Christ was born of the virgin Mary by the action of God’s Holy Spirit.
  5. That God, through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, is active in the world today, convicting and regenerating man, to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  6. That the true church is comprised of all such persons who have been regenerated (born again).
  7. That man was created in the image of God, but fell into sin, and requires a redeemer.
  8. That the shed blood of Jesus Christ provides the only means of salvation.
  9. In the imminent second coming of Jesus Christ.
  10. In the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ and the bodily resurrection of those who die in Him.
  11. That water baptism and the Lord’s Supper are ordinances to be observed.
  12. That Jesus Christ is the head of the local church.