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SkyWatchTV Podcast

If you subscribe to podcasts on a desktop or laptop, click here to subscribe to the SkyWatchTV Podcast in the iTunes Store.

You can also right-click here (control-click on a Mac) to copy the RSS feed for another podcatcher.

Alternately, open iTunes, click “File”, then click “Subscribe to podcast,” and then paste in thlink:

If you subscribe on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, take your finger and hold it down on the “right-click here” link.  A box will open up from the bottom.  You must click “open in new tab.”  If you click “open” it will not work.  You must select “open in new tab.”

On iOS 9.3.1 and later, another window pops up and says “Open This Page in News.”  Click “Open,” and that opens up the Podcast app (not iTunes) with the new link.  Click “Subscribe” and it loads.

Or listen online by using the player below.