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Sponsor A Therapy Pony


Whispering Ponies Ranch is a private retreat center where horses are trained for therapy uses and people of all ages attend by invitation for restorative ministries. All amenities—from food services and lodging to expert recreational and counseling staff—are provided at no cost.

Tom and Nita Horn envisioned WPR as a safe and inspirational environment where people can be rejuvenated or just relax for a few days to get refreshed. The therapy ponies of WPR visit places like veteran centers and care facilities and are used in public schools to help children with learning disabilities. Starting in the Fall of 2016, when the office complex is expected to be finished, groups will be able to use the facility for general retreat purposes (marriage encounters, writers’ breakaways, youth camps, and so on) but, as Dr. Horn says, “The heart and vision for the facility is primarily to focus on those who have somehow been hurt, abandoned, disabled, or abused.”

By sponsoring one or more of the therapy ponies below, you are partnering directly with WPR’s healing ministry by contributing to the care of these life-changing animals–their foods, veterinary care, farrier, as well as contributing to the operating and construction costs of the retreat facility. As a WPR sponsor, you will receive a hoof-signed, frameable picture of your sponsor horse(s) and a personalized autographed copy of Nita Horn’s new memoir, No Fences: It Started with a Plastic Pony, all about the childhood vision that led to the 280-acre Whispering Ponies Ranch.



Barn Name: “COWBOY”


Registered Name: LTD’s Kool Cowboy

2010 Stallion – AMHR/AMHA Currently measures 31.25”

He is a multi-color Silver Bay Overo with gorgeous blue eyes, a full ‘Fabio’ mane, and lots of flashy markings! Cowboy is one of our therapy horse sires. Has a wonderful temperament that he passes on to his offspring. He is cart trained and loves it!


Barn Name: “Hoss”


Registered Name: Hot Water Farms Graduation Gift

2008 Stallion AMHR / AMHA Currently Measures 33.5”

He is a stout and drafty style Cremello with cool blue eyes, soft fluffy mane & tail that is a pleasure to brush! Hoss is one of our therapy horse sires. Has an amazingly sweet temperament and is willing to please. He that passes this awesome disposition as well as his lovely mane and tail on to all of his foals. Hoss is fairly laid back, and is very easy to manage. He is also cart trained and is also our main sire for foals selected for future training in our cart horse program.


Barn Name: “SPOT”


Registered Name: Bear Farms Better Business

2010 Stallion AMHR / AMHA Currently Measures 33.00”

He is a Red Bay Leopard Appaloosa with lots of spots nicely displayed, dark points with an adorable dishy little face, soft eyes, and a lovely mane & tail. This little boy has it all! Spot is a little spitfire, however he is also easy to manage. He is our newest herd sire and we anticipate 2 foals from him in 2016! Be watching folks!


Barn Name: “CHIGGER”


“Whispering Ponies Ranch possible” Registered Name: Champ’s Mini Chigger Queen

Actually, even though both sire & dam are registered, and her bloodlines go back to very famous lineage, CHIGGER is not and cannot be registered because she is a Dwarf Miniature Horse. AMHR / AMHA will not recognize her registration due to her dwarfism. Dwarfism is a genetic disorder that causes abnormally smaller stature in an individual of a species. . (Chigger’s sire, Champ, belongs to another farm and has been gelded since her birth.)

2012 Filly Currently Measures 18.05”

She is a solid Red Sorrell with a small star on her forehead. She has adorable soft eyes, and a fluffy red mane & tail. Her dwarfism has left her with a slight monkey bite, crooked legs and a typical “dwarfy” forehead. Chigger is currently one of our main therapy horses and although she is very small and physically ‘incorrect’, what she lacks in physical perfection, she makes up for in spirit. She brings a smile to every face big or small, and is a huge inspiration for everyone who meets her. As a dwarf, she has beat the odds for sure! Many dwarfs do not live very long due to heart and organ failure and arthritis and other bone issues. Chigger just celebrated her 4th birthday on March 3, 2016. We anticipate many more years with this adorable little fuzz ball of love!  Go Chigger!


Barn Name: “CINNAMON”


Registered Name: WLS’ Cinnamon Mist of Carousel Farms

2006 Mare AMHR Currently Measures 33.75”

She is a Dark Sorrel Pinto with lots of spark and a little bit of ‘roaning’ across the back! She has a nice straight blaze down her face and 4 white stockings and a ring around her rear. Although it is hard to see in this picture with all her winter fuzz, she has a petite build and a nice head, brown eyes and a lovely mane & tail. She has an amazing disposition, is very well mannered and she loves to please. Although she is cart trained, she is currently one of our very select broodmares. She is an awesome little mamma, and all of her foals make great therapy horses and have inherited her petite build, soft eyes, gentle manners, and unique intelligence. We call her our little resident ‘Red-head’, and she proves to be one of the smartest horses in the herd!



Barn Name: “CARLOS”


Registered Name: Piddy Paddocks Carlos Azul

1997 Gelding AMHR / AMHA Currently Measures 33.75”

He is a Silver Dapple with Flaxen mane & tail, soft eyes and pretty face.

He has an amazing attitude! He is cart & buggy trained. He drives single, double and is the lead horse in our matching Silver Dapple, 4-horse hitch! We have 2 of his offspring (Tango & Dandy) here on the ranch that also serve as part of our 4-horse hitch.


Barn Name: “TANGO”


Registered Name: Haven Lee CD

1997 Gelding AMHR Currently Measures 35.50”

He is the offspring of Carlos and is also a Silver Dapple with Flaxen mane & tail, and inherited his sire’s soft eyes and pretty face and amazing personality. He is gentle and easy to manage, but can be a bit grumpy to his brother Dandy! (Never a threat to us or anyone.)  He is also cart & buggy trained and drives single, double and is the 2nd lead horse next to his daddy in our matching Silver Dapple, 4-horse hitch!



Barn Name: “SUGAR”


Registered Name: Masters Sugar Girl

1993 Mare AMHR Currently Measures 33.75”

Sugar is a Silver Dapple mare with a miniature draft style body, gorgeous thick white mane & tail, soft doe-like eyes, and lovely face. She is gentle and easy to manage. Sugar is also cart & buggy trained and drives single, double and is the 1st wheel horse in our matching Silver Dapple, 4-horse hitch! She is all business when she’s working! You can pull her out of the pasture any day of the week and she’s ready to go, and even at her age can still out work ‘the guys’ in the 4-horse hitch! However, not to worry folks, Sugar is now semi-retired and enjoys being one of our favorite brushing ponies with all that thick luscious hair! By the way, she is the mamma to her wheel horse partner Dandy.


Barn Name: “TRUFFLE”


Possible Registered Name: Tricky’s Little Cinnamon Truffle (*Not Registered)

*There is a story as to why she does not have papers. Her Sire is a buckskin overo, named LTD’s Magic Trick – aka Tricky. He is no longer on our farm. Her Dam, WLS’s Cinnamon Mist of Carousel Farms is still on the farm and is currently bringing us more sweet tempered babies as we speak!

2009 Mare GRADE Currently Measures 32.00”

Truffle is a solid Smokey Black Overo with a black mane and tail, and has a small star on her forehead, a petite frame, friendly eyes, and “pony-kissable” face! She is very patient, and eager to please, and has always been a wonderful kid’s horse! In fact, I think she may just be the very best one! When Truffle was born, our 3 year old granddaughter Kate was the first one to bond with her immediately after foaling. Later on Kate cart trained her when Truffle turned 3. She is has the perfect kind of disposition that you look for when adding brood stock to the therapy babies. In fact, she is scheduled to spend some time with Spot this fall! Won’t that be a beauty?


Barn Name: “TOPAZ”


Registered Name: Hot Water’s Misty Dawn

2007 Mare AMHR / AMHA Currently Measures 33.75”

We call her Topaz because of her gorgeous unique golden buckskin color that emerges right after the winter fuzz falls off! Her mane and tail is a stylish brown-black mix. She has a super nice long hooky neck, nice long hip, built and bred to be a champion! She has awesome conformation with doe like eyes and pretty little face. She is one of our select broodmares and has an energetic but easily managed attitude. Topaz is picture below with her first foal, Onyx, first foal of our own Cowboy!


Barn Name: “ONYX”


Registered Name: Pending AMHR / AMHA (Pending)

2015 Filly Currently Measures 29”

Pretty little Buckskin Bay filly with awesome conformation like her mamma and dad. She has a dainty little head and neck! Black mane, tail and 4 matching black socks, and look at that cute little tan muzzle. Onyx is currently in training as a therapy horse and is very easy to manage. This amazing little filly has a lot going on!


Barn Name: “SUNSHINE”


Registered Name: Baby Sunshine Journey’s Kisses

2010 Gelding AMHR Currently Measures 37.00”

A flashy Sorrell Pinto with flaxen mane & tail and 4 fancy white socks.

He is the offspring of one of our select brood mares we call Buttercup. She was already bred when we purchased her. His Sire (Not on our farm) a is 32.00” Sorrell Pinto named Sunshine Boy.

Sunshine has gorgeous quintessential western style markings that are very eye appealing. He is extremely photogenic! He has a great attitude and is very laid back.

Sunshine nearly died at birth. He was a bit disoriented and could not figure out how to nurse his mamma. It was her first foal and she was a bit confused as well. So, after consulting our veterinarian, I was instructed to milk his mamma! WHAT? Are you serious? How do you milk a horse? Well, I had never milked a horse but with a crash course, I learned real fast! It was certainly touch and go that first night, however, after he got the necessary colostrum, and had several feedings in his tummy, he stood upright, kicked up his little heels, did a half flip, and contentedly laid back down. That’s when we knew he would pull through!

Shortly after that he injured his left back leg, who knows how he did it! And lastly, he developed severe allergies in his eyes and had to wear a face mask all summer! But he outgrew and came through all of those first year challenges and is one of the friendliest boys in the barn!

Sunshine is also one of our best working horses. He is patient and never in a hurry. He is already cart trained and we are currently finishing his lead-line saddle training as well. His gentle demeanor and taller stature makes a great size for small children! (He should be ready very soon folks!)


Barn Name: “LITTLE RED”

little red

Registered Name: WPR’s Shades’s Magic Red Racer

2013 Solid Sorrell Gelding AMHR Currently Measures 32.50”

He is the offspring of one of our brood mares named Buttercup. His sire is LTD’s Shades of Magic, a very sweet tempered 32.00” grey pinto overo, no longer on our farm.

He is the younger brother of Sunshine pictured above. He has the same likeable disposition of his mamma and daddy, and his sibling Sunshine. He is now cart trained however we are still putting hours on him. He learns quickly and is very easy to manage and will do anything you ask of him. He is also in training for lead-line saddle as well. He should be ready before too long.



Barn Name: “REBEL”


Registered Name: WPRS Grand Slams Baby Grand Storm

2014 Gelding AMHR/AMHA Currently 37”

Sire: LTD’s Grand Slam

Dam: Millwood Stars Lil Stormy Valentine

Rebel is a solid black Gelding with one white sock and a striking blaze down his face. Sharp eyes, a confident attitude, and definitely an independent thinker. Rebel was named Rebel because of his independent attitude. He certainly has a mind of his own! In fact, he let me know right away that I was not his favorite humans! I was considering selling him. But one afternoon, when James Howell entered his life, Rebel immediately took on a new way of thinking. He bonded with James and quickly became very eager to please and is now one of our all-star best candidates for kid programs! Such a cool story here! Even before he was gelded at age 2, he became very manageable under James’s handling. Currently gelded for ranch program, Rebel will be art and saddle trained this summer. Trainer? James of course!   Rebel with his mamma. Rebel in training with James.





Registered Name: Highhopes Arapaho Hollyhock

2002 Mare – AMHR/AMHA Currently measures 34.00”

Prairie is a flashy Sorrell Pinto with nice eyes, soft roaning on the face, white socks, and sorrel –white blended mane and tail.  A nice drafty style body and throws pretty babies. She is one of our select therapy horse brood mares. She has a wonderful gentle temperament that she passes on to her foals. She is currently in foal with a baby from Spot. We’re hoping we’ll get a Pinta-loosa? Hmmm.. Can’t wait! She is mamma to our own Two-Tone and Little Bucky!


Barn Name: “Two-Tone”

two tone

Registered Name: WPRs Hoss’ Two-Tone Arapaho Gift

2015 Gelding AMHR / AMHA Currently Measures 28”

Two-Tone is a pale Sorrell Pinto. He has a blaze on his face and ablaze down his face.

He is a currently in training for therapy visitation. He’s an energetic and very curious little guy, wiling to please and will go anywhere you ask. He has confidence and loves his job! He has tons of personality and is a lot of fun!


Barn Name: “Blondie”


Registered Name: WGF Dusty’s Golden Sunraye Frost

2012 Filly AMHR / AMHA Currently Measures 28”

Blondie is a small petite Palomino. She has a sweet face and ready to go. She is one of our main therapy horses. Loves people and great with kids. She really loves her grain and is the boss of the barnyard! Such a good little girl!


Barn Name: “BUTTERCUP”


Registered Name: Baby Bear Teddy

2006 Mare AMHR Currently Measures 34.50”

She is a Red Dun with a white mane and tail. She’s a pretty mare with the best disposition. She is a good mamma which makes our job training her foals so much easier! Her foals are the perfect size for therapy, saddle pony, or for pulling carts. She is one of our favorite brood mares and we currently have 4 of her babies on site. Which include; Sunshine, Little Red, Diamond, and Gemma. These horses will remain here to be part of our ranch programs. Buttercup is also cart trained for single or double, and saddle trained by the Amish folks up north near Sedalia, MO. She is easy to manage and is willing to do anything we ask of her. She has been used in birthday parties, and is gentle with kids. She is currently in foal to our new stallion Spot. I’m thinking that’s gonna be a good one for sure!


Barn Name: “DIXIE”


Registered Name: RSB Dixieland Delight

1995 Mare AMHR / AMHA Currently Measures 32.50”

Dixie is a Bay Pinto with Black and White mixed mane and tail. She has some awesome markings and is very refined. She is a veteran of the AMHA show ring and was National Top Ten Champion in Multiple Driving category. She has a very sweet temperament being a retired show horse, she makes an awesome seasoned horse for our kids programs. She’s a gentle horse for even the smallest children. We are honored to have such a great mare. Dixie was gifted to our farm by Lori Caldwell at Hot Water Farms near Billings, MO. Thank you Lori! Dixie always makes children very happy!


Barn Name: “GEMMA”


Registered Name: WPRs Hoss’ Gemma Baby Bear Gift

2015 Filly AMHR (PENDING) Currently Measures 31.00”

A pale Palomino with white a mane and tail. She is a full sister to Diamond.

Gemma has a mind of her own but is very manageable. Sometimes she likes to play hard to get, but is quickly learning that is it more fun to halter up than run away! She’s a furry ball of fun and is going to make a great cart mate with her older brother Diamond. She is currently in training for therapy but will be a multi-use horse here on the ranch. She is an awesome little gal and coming along quite nicely!


Barn Name: “DIAMOND”


Registered Name: WPR’s Hoss’ Diamond Bear Gift (PENDING)

2014 Gelding AMHR Currently Measures 33.00”

Diamond is a Pale Palomino with white mane and tail. He got the name Diamond because of the small blaze on the end of his nose formed a nearly perfect diamond. It has stretched a bit and since then, but we still call him by his first given name. He is a stout horse with kind eye and sweet disposition. He is easy to manage and loves to get scratched. Diamond is currently scheduled for training this summer for cart and saddle. He’s a quick learner so we are confident that he will be ready very soon. He will be joined by his younger sister Gemma once she is ready for cart training. They will make great program horses with their willingness to follow your lead. A perfectly matched team for future fun!


Barn Name: “GOLDIE”


Registered Name: Buttermilk Thunder

2005 Mare AMHR / AMHA Currently Measures 33.75”

Goldie is a Perlino with white mane and tail.

Goldie is one of our select brood mares. She is a petite and has a unique face somewhat of a unicorn. She passes this unusual quality to her foals. She is easy to manage and loves people.  She was used in community events and outdoor therapy before she came to our ranch. We are pleased to have her with us helping us to create more quality therapy horses for future gifting.


Barn Name: “JUSTIN”


Registered Name: IONA Farms Just My Luck (HOF)

2002 Gelding AMHR / AMHA Currently Measures 33.55”

Justin is a solid Black with Black mane and tail. He has a very small white snip on his forehead. He has a petite frame and awesome conformation. He is a veteran of the AMHR show ring. A Hall of Fame. We are very grateful to Cindy Coffman for the honor to own this awesome little guy! He is trained to cart and loves the roadsters! He’s no dead head for sure! He has adapted to the farm life just fine, and although he has a competitive edge, he is very easy to manage.


Barn Name: “STINKY TINK”


Registered Name: NOT KNOWN. Papers were lost before we bought her.

Approximately 15 years old. (As of 2016) Currently Measures 33.55”

Tink is a cute, multi-colored pinto. She does not have papers as far as we know. The person who sold her to us told us he lost her papers. We didn’t care about the papers, we were very excited to own her as a grade mare. Tink is cart trained to pull single or double. She has come a long way while at the ranch. She has taught me many things and still continues to talk to me. She is an awesome little mare, and inspired the name WHISPERING PONIES RANCH. If you want to know why this akward looking little girl is so important, you can read more about her in the book, NO FENCES, By Nita Horn.


Barn Name: “CALLLIE”


Registered Name: Red Fawn Maiden CR

2001 Mare – AMHR/AMHA Currently measures 30.75”

Callie is a Sorrell Appaloosa with doe type eyes, roaning across her back and a frosted blanket. Her mane and tail looks like mixed sugar and cinnamon. The frosted appaloosa blanket across her rump will be a great contrast to Spot’s spots. Callie is new to the ranch and will join Spot’s harem for a 2017 foal. With her petite dishy face, tiny refined frame, and mixed coloring, I think we may have a winner here!


Barn Name: “MULAN”


Registered Name: Bear Farms Holly Dream

2010 Mare – AMHR/AMHA Currently measures 32.00”

Mulan is a golden buckskin with a small star on her forehead. a black-brown mixed mane and tail, 4 dark stockings. She has lovely eyes, a petite frame, and soft muzzle.  She is a very kind little mare with great manners and passes on to her foals. She is one of our select brood mares and has given us two pretty babies with awesome therapy disposition. (Dream and Smurtz) She is currently running with our stallion, ‘Cowboy’ for a 2017 foal. Pictured here in her winter fuzzies, she awaits the clippers!


Barn Name: “VALENTINE”


Registered Name: Millwood Stars Lil Stormy Valentine

2002 Mare – AMHR/AMHA Currently measures 37.00”

Valentine is a flashy Sorrell Pinto with a white star on her forehead and snip on her nose, and a mixed mane and tail. She is a veteran of the show ting and is trained to pull single, double, or in a 4 horse hitch. Her unique markings are quintessentially western, and since she is a bit taller, her foals are perfect size for saddle and carts. She has a wonderful and very manageable disposition and gets along with anyone. Here is she is pictured with her last foal, Rebel. She is currently in foal to Spot. So, we may just get that Pinta-loosa we are hoping for!?