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Dr. Michael S. Heiser | Reversing Hermon, Revealing Heaven

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE! What is astral prophecy? What is the true meaning behind Revelation 12? Who or what is the dragon? How does the book of Enoch explain the strange wording Peter uses when discussing the abyss, Noah, and the fallen entities known as Watchers? What did Paul mean when he said women should keep their head covered and men should keep their hair short? What is the lake of fire? Who are the devil and his angels? What will our new, resurrected bodies be like? What exactly happens to us when we die? What will be doing in Heaven for all eternity?

We may think we know the answers to some or possibly even all of these questions, but with the never-before-released information provided in this video (an extended cut of two future episodes of Into the Multiverse), we are proven wrong. The Bible is far more fascinating and rich than Sunday School at church would have us believe. In this episode, Dr. Michael S. Heiser joins Josh and Christina Peck in the studio to talk about his newest book release, Reversing Hermon. As Dr. Heiser said during an episode of SkyWatchTV, he is no longer protecting people from their Bibles. Join us as Mike Heiser reveals vital information every Christian needs to hear and with an ending so shocking, you won’t believe what has been locked inside your Bible pertaining to the eternal reality of each and every follower of Jesus Christ. This is certainly an episode you will not want to miss!

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