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Is Official Disclosure Imminent? | Podesta Wikileaks, Ancient Prophecy, Israel, and More!

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE! Are all signs pointing to official alien disclosure within the next few years? What are UFOs and why won’t the government tell us? Perhaps they have let information slip out intentionally and it is up to us to put together the pieces. Could we be under a process of “soft disclosure” now? Could this great mystery date back to the times of ancient prophets and holy scriptures? How do aliens, UFOs, Wikileaks, Israel, John Podesta, world governments, ancient prophecies, and each one of us all connect together?

In this very special extended episode of Into the Multiverse (exclusive only to the ItM YouTube audience), Josh and Christina Peck reveal their intensive research into this matter and expose the secret plans to make official disclosure occur imminently. There is finally an answer to the great question of UFOs, aliens, and planet Earth. Join Josh and Christina as they guide you through their research that leads to the ultimate conclusion that no one saw coming. This is an episode you certainly will not want to miss!

This episode contains extra, never before seen footage from episodes 047 and 048 of Into the Multiverse.

Josh and Christina offer exclusive content on this YouTube channel that is not available anywhere else; not even their television audience. Make sure to subscribe (click the little “subscribe” button in the lower right corner of the YouTube viewing screen during the episode) to have access to all the most important content Into the Multiverse has to offer. Also, make sure you share this with your friends and families. Thank you from everyone at Into the Multiverse!

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