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Are Sleep Paralysis Attacks Real? If So, Are They Demons… Or Something Else Entirely?

You wake up in the middle of the night and a menacing presence is at the foot of your bed. Terrified, you try to scream and move — but you can’t. It feels like you’re paralyzed or being held down by the evil presence. To many people, this experience is their worst nightmare! Online statistics estimate anywhere from 8-30% of the population has reported experiencing such “sleep paralysis” at least once in their lifetime. The scientific and medical communities will tell you you’re hallucinating. But if you’re a chronic sufferer, it’s very real and starts to invade your waking hours. So what is it, really? Why are these entities showing up in our bedrooms at night? And how can we stop it? MUST WATCH SHOW AND MUST HAVE BOOK BELOW!


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