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Special note from SkyWatch TV host Joe Horn: “Our hearts have been all over the table for the last several weeks. Whispering Ponies Ranch just concluded the 2023 camping season for some of the most precious children you could ever meet or serve. There’s indescribable joy seeing the smiles and listening to the laughter of these kiddos that come in totally shut down emotionally, socially, that begin to build relationships, bonds that will last a lifetime from their experience here. There are tears… certain ones that get stuck in your head that you can’t shake after learning about their history of abuse, seeing them challenged to open up. There are those you serve for several years that eventually grow up and graduate out of the program… The ones that you’re not sure you will ever see again… And you’re praying that their time at the Whispering Ponies Ranch will be enough for them to hold on to through the rest of life‘s challenges as they become adults. God works miracles here everyday we are in operation, and we DO SEE YOUNG ONES GROW UP AND COME BACK AS COUNSELORS! God is rescuing lost souls through the amazing partnership between many of YOU and Whispering Ponies Ranch. It’s the most difficult type of ministry at times, but without question the most rewarding aspect of everything we do. Thank you for all who support SkyWatchTV and whispering Ponies Ranch, and never stop praying for the lives of these children!”

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