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Unraveling Revelation: They Are Rephaim, They Will Not Arise

Isaiah prophesied the future destruction of the Rephaim—the demon spirits of the Nephilim—and possibly their angelic parents as well.

We continue our study of Isaiah, focusing on chapter 26 verses 13 through 19. The “shades” of verse 14 and “dead” of verse 19 are translated from the Hebrew word rephaim, which scholars have only begun to realize within the last forty years should be a proper name and not a term for human dead.

We discuss the significance of that shift in thinking and the implications for end times prophecy. Suddenly, Isaiah 26 is no longer a polemic about pagan kings who ruled over the Jews, but a prophecy of the final destruction of the Nephilim and the “sons of God” who created them.

Category: Unraveling Revelation

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