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WITCHCRAFT IN WASHINGTON D.C. | LTC Robert Maginnis & Tyler Gilreath

Are UFOs Aliens, Spirits, or Pure Hokum? Out of this World brings the unfathomable to life thanks to an open eyed and detailed analysis of the science and theology brought to our doorsteps by the real possibility that unidentified flying objects are manned by extraterrestrial beings that are likely much smarter and far more spiritual than earthlings. Are they a threat to our national security and to our faith in God? Do they come peacefully or as conquers?

For decades US Government officials have denied what many citizens now believe that alien beings are among us and our government knows much more than it has revealed to the public. Do we really have alien craft and “biologics” as Congress was told by former officials?

In Out of this World, Bob Maginnis exposes the faults in both science and theology as he leads the reader deep into what we know and frankly don’t know about the surge of UFO activity. Mix these findings with the unseen realm of the spirit world and it’s plain we really are confused.

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